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ONLINE YOGA : video or audio classes. Press play to immerse yourself into the digital but still physical yoga experience. Classes are vinyasa style and open to all but more designed 
for intermediate practinioners. Feel free to donate and share the url of this page if you enjoyed it's material. Happy practice to you all ! Love, GM

CLASS 10  Hips hips Hurray  12-01/2020  

56 min with Savasana 

CLASS 9  Back to one   04-01/2020   40 min without Savasana 

CLASS 8  We're in BLISS together   06-05/2020   57 min with Savasana 

CLASS 7  She wants it all   29-04/2020  62 min with Savasana 

CLASS 6  Silence is gold  22-04/2020 48 min without Savasana 

CLASS 5  We keep secrets 15-04/2020 55 min including Savasana 

CLASS 4  Figure four to take flight  08-04/2020 59 min including Savasana 

CLASS 3  Somewhere in the world the moon rises  31-03/2020  69 min including Savasana + Meditation

CLASS 2  All streams flow to the sea  25-03/2020  72min including Savasana

CLASS 1 Between before and after  18-03/2020  74min including Savasana


Former gymnast, I took on the path towards Yoga in 2016
through an initiation to the south korean martial art Sunmudo. After a month of training in India in 2017, I became a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher (300h) and started to teach right after. I keep on exposing myself to different methods and styles of teachings and create classes from the influences of my teachers HaChi Yu, Yogeswari, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Kristen Watson Geering, Chad Dennis, Jennifer Perry, Daniela Fuentes, Matt Phippen and Kate Gillespie among  others.

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or TWINT :0774325128                           or via Paypal :

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